About Us

Conservation and fitness are the cornerstones of our soul.  Whether it's pumping iron at the gym or trekking mountains with our pups on weekends, we believe in leading a healthy, active lifestyle.  We also believe in supporting conservation efforts whenever able.

The environment needs a lot of help.  That's why with each purchase a portion of the proceeds will be donated to local and/or global conservation efforts.  The programs we donate to will be rotated between saving endangered species, halting deforestation and planting new trees, water quality control, natural disaster relief, and others.  As these programs are identified, they will be featured on our homepage, under our Conservation Corner section, and social media sites so you can learn more, share, and be inspired to give back.

At Primal Domain, our passions have lead us to create a quality lifestyle clothing brand with heart.  Our aim is to provide products that will make you look good, and feel good, all while celebrating your enthusiasm for saving our planet. 

Be active, save the world, and look good doing it.