Fitness isn’t one size fits all.
It’s not eating a kale salad or having six pack abs. 
It’s not the ability to run fast or even attaining a certain aesthetic.
It’s not the pictures shared by fitness influencers on social media.

Fitness is increasing the quality - and longevity - of life.
It’s a positive outlook, challenging limits, and the ability to handle stress.
It’s physical and it’s mental.
It’s a lifestyle.

Fitness, and being fit, is the ability to not only survive, but thrive in a particular environment.  Fitness is adaptability and evolving.  Life is fitness.  Without fitness, living things wouldn’t survive.  But fitness is not generic, it’s individual.

Don’t understand? Let’s take a deeper dive.  Take the polar bear as an example.  Polar bears are one of the strongest animals in the world, they can run up to 25 mph, and they can swim at 6 mph.  One polar bear even swam for 9 days straight, a distance of 400 miles.  Their physical attributes and developed behaviors are suited for their environment.

Pretty fit right?  Well, kind of. 

They are perfectly fit for life in the Arctic, but put a polar bear in the rainforest and they’d struggle to adapt and survive.  They aren’t fit to survive in those conditions.

Animal’s have adapted physical traits and behaviors that allow them to thrive in their given ecosystems.  Animals, like the polar bear, have developed the perfect fitness to exploit those environments - and taken out of those environments - they would struggle to adapt quickly enough to survive (one reason habitat loss and climate change are such big issues).

Unlike our friend’s in the animal kingdom, humans are able to adapt, survive, and thrive physically in almost any environment due to technology, clothing, and shelter.  Humans have evolved in such a way that we’ve taken survival out of our daily concerns.  We may not be the strongest or fastest species, but our ability to adapt quickly and successfully to our surrounding environment has allowed us to evolve to be the fittest animals on the planet.

The beauty of being a human being is that we can capitalize on generations of evolution.  We don’t need to worry about survival.  We get to direct our own self-evolution every day with the choices we make.  We can use our adaptability to our advantage.  We can choose our path to fitness. How will your forge your evolutionary road?